Maguindanao pearls
Updated: 2/1/2021
Maguindanao pearls

Storyboard Text

  • When Sinag-tala was 2 and a half days, her withered grandma came. She placed a fresh lily in one ofher hands and a small, pale pearl on the other.
  • Sinagtala shall grow soft and delicate like a lily and pearls she should admire and love. Someday she will own priceless pearls from faraway Maguindanao.
  • Over two hundred silver moons had passed and the first part of the prophecy came true. She was admiringly called the Lily by the River and she is a basket weaver, yet she only had in pale pearl and believed to be beautiful one must have strings of lustrous pearls. One day she was called by Lakambini, the daugther of the rajah.
  • Lakambini wants me? She desires me? Why?
  • Sinagtala, the basket weaver is wanted by Lakambini and she orders you to come soon
  • Sinagtala then went to tha rajah's house and Lakambini asked her to weave 2 baskets for she will give it to her future mother in law, mother of Walang Gulat, son of chief who rules Pasigan.
  • Who is this Walang gulat?
  • How foolish! You delight me with your innocence. Go now, inquisitive one
  • Sinagtala left and went to the riverside to gather bamban reeds and young bamboo joints. In a while she met Magiting also known as Walang Gulat. He helped Sinagtala and talked about her insecurities without knowing someone was watching them.
  • Ah Magiting! Yes I need them
  • Girl with slender body, wish you fall into the stream? you want those bambans?
  • I will tell this to my mistress
  • Turns out the one who's watching them was Lakambini's slave and she reported everything to her mistress. Lakambini was so angry and upset when she knew about the two so They plotted a scene that the Maguindanao pearls were missing and accused Sinagtala that she stole them.
  • No! If I really stole your pearls then may the hungry crocodiles swallow me and flames scorch me.
  • She stole my pearls! She always liked my pearls!
  • The wise hukom judges then sat together and questioned every witness. Magiting came and proved Sinagtala's innocence but it was not enough for the judges. They decided to dip her arms to the boiling water to tell wether she is innocent or not. it turned out she is innocent but it's to late for she was killed by her own father.
  • Sinagtala, forgive me. I hid the pearls! I hid them! Sinagtala!