Unknown Story

Updated: 11/4/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • "How will I reclaim my wife from 100 suitors?"
  • " You and your son will have to kill all 100 men"
  • " I hope your plan works cause this is my kingdom "
  • "I will disguise you as a begger you will enter the palace and hide all 100 suitors and you and your son will slay every single suitor.
  • "You may doubt me and my ability to string this bow. I will shoot this bow and arrow and claim the heart of queen Penelope ."
  • "We did it father""We did it son"
  • "It me Penelope I have returned"
  • " Prove to me you are the real Odysseus"
  • This bed cannot be moved because it is held down by and oak tree
  • "Move this bed if you are truly Odysseus "