Product Development Cycle

Product Development Cycle
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Create an Elevator Pitch

How to Create an Elevator Pitch

By Aaron Sherman

You've got great ideas, but don't know where to go. Don't worry, Storyboard That has an excellent resource for product development and establishing yourself in a market. Start at Part 1: The Elevator Pitch of Storyboard That's Illustrated Guide to Product Development.

Business Assumptions

How to Validate your Business Idea

By Aaron Sherman

This is the fifth part of our Illustrated Guide to Product Development series. Throughout this series we have extended a product idea into a business concept, the beginning of a Go-to-Market Plan and developed personas to correspond to all of these parts. We have also warned repeatedly that the biggest risk a company, new product or service has is making something nobody wants. In this article we are going to dissect a few assumptions we have made, how they impact our work, and how we can test them. Many of the aspects of our business plan require the previous assumption to be true, but if all of a sudden the previous assumption is false, large parts of future work can and should be skipped.

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Product Development Cycle - design thinking

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  • Learn From Your Customers
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  • Think Like a Customer
  • Rapid Prototyping for Rapid Learning
  • Listen to both what your customers are saying, and observe their underlying less obvious problems.
  • Try to ask yourself about a real situation your customers would be in, and how your product / solution would help.
  • As quickly as possible keep releasing new versions of your product to see how people react.
  • Team Alignment
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