SoLoMoFoo in PSB Template
Updated: 12/20/2016
SoLoMoFoo in PSB Template
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Storyboard Description

SoLoMoFoo example in Product Solution Benefit Template

Storyboard Text

  • Context / Problem
  • I hate just missing free food at work!
  • The First But
  • WHAT?!? No twinkies?
  • Product Intro
  • Hangry Henry - why don't you install SoLoMoFoo and get food alerts?
  • Hangry Henry goes to the breakroom before a meeting. He finds the remnants of some cupcakes...
  • Magic Solution
  • I hope people find my cupcakes!
  • The vending machine is also out of Hangry Henry's favorite junk food.
  • And Then
  • ALERT!
  • Hangry Henry is a bit rude during his next meeting. His friends suggest he tries SoLoMoFoo.
  • User Benefit
  • Baking Bridget drops off some fresh cupcakes she made over the weekend.
  • Baking Bridget tells SoLoMoFoo about her cupcakes and Hangry Henry immediately gets alerted!
  • Cupcakes in the Breakroom!
  • Share Food
  • Cupcakes in the Breakroom!
  • After his cupcake - Happy Henry is awesome in the meeting.