User Story for SoLoMoFoo Deployment

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User Story for SoLoMoFoo Deployment
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How to Create a Customer Journey Map

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This is the fourth part of our Illustrated Guide to Product Development series. Part of product development is understanding your customers. Customer Journey Mapping is the process of looking at the end-to-end series of events that make up the entire story of before your product/service, using your product/service, and after. These maps can become quite long and involve many actors or personas. They may not even be linear. By examining these different customer journeys, it is possible to identify key use cases that your product/service needs to do incredibly well. This should include anything that is currently causing a lot of customer grief (often for no good reason), and use cases that really improve the core product offering.

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Storyboard Description

User Story for SoLoMoFoo Deployment: customer journey mapping for IT Ivan

Storyboard Text

  • IT Ivan Recieves a Notification
  • Please Install SoLoMoFoo
  • HR Hailey would like you to install and deploy SoLoMoFoo to your company. This should take about ten minutes and is completely painless. Thanks, SoLoMoFoo Team
  • Ivan Clicks Through to Start
  • My Company Uses:
  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • Gmail is Used for Easy Setup
  • May SoLoMoFoo Access: • Conference Rooms • Employee Contact List • Send Emails
  • Accept
  • Automatic Notifications are Sent
  • IT Ivan receives an email with instructions and is easily able to setup and deploy SoLoMoFoo.
  • IT Ivan is asked if his company uses either Gmail or Outlook. He chooses Gmail.
  • Immediately a popup asks if SoLoMoFoo may leverage company information from Gmail. IT Ivan appreciates the easy setup and built in security.
  • Everyone in the company is sent an automatic onboarding email informing them of SoLoMoFoo.
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