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Customer Journey Mapping

How to Create a Customer Journey Map

By Aaron Sherman

This is the fourth part of our Illustrated Guide to Product Development series. Part of product development is understanding your customers. Customer Journey Mapping is the process of looking at the end-to-end series of events that make up the entire story of before your product/service, using your product/service, and after. These maps can become quite long and involve many actors or personas. They may not even be linear. By examining these different customer journeys, it is possible to identify key use cases that your product/service needs to do incredibly well. This should include anything that is currently causing a lot of customer grief (often for no good reason), and use cases that really improve the core product offering.

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When to use a storyboard in business settings

Storyboard Text

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • High Complexity
  • Ideal for Storyboarding
  • Epic Agile User Stories
  • Personas
  • Larger User Stories
  • Marketing Onboarding Plan
  • Medium Sized User Stories
  • Small Sized User Stories
  • Trivial Features and Tweaks
  • Low Complexity
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