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Updated: 11/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • can we join your piconet too?
  • I determine the hopping sequence using this clock!
  • Sure! But first synchronise your internal clocks according to my clock and this is your Active member address!
  • Since I established this piconet, I'm called a master and others in it are called slaves
  • Sorry! I have only 3 bits to represent the address, and we are already 8 in the piconet
  • here, this is parked member address, You can wait until one of the slaves complete
  • Can I join it too?
  • This is not all! There's more to it!I'm a man of rules and I have protocols stacked up like a hamburger to provide better service and security
  • Radio layer
  • I use 2.4 GHz frequency band and a frequency hopping/time division for transmission.I have three classes of tranceivers, based on power consumption and they use Gaussian FSK
  • Baseband layer
  • access code, header error check, synchronisation
  • Bluetooth packet
  • At this layer, I take care of interference mitigation and medium access and defining packet formats
  • Along with data payload, I note down other stuff needed for synchronisation and error checking
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