Babu the Mathmaster- Civilization Redefined
Updated: 6/4/2021
Babu the Mathmaster- Civilization Redefined

Storyboard Description

Created by: Aayan-Ud-Dowla

Storyboard Text

  • A usual day in AKSD
  • Math Assessment 
  • Miss, do we need to do the assessment today ?
  • Good,morning everyone.Today we are having a surprise math test 
  • Miss, we just had our Bangla Assessment .
  •  5 mins later
  • He must be really good in maths
  • Math Assessment 
  • Miss, I am done
  • Wow ! how is he done so fast ?
  • Result Day
  • Meanwhile up from the skies.Peathagorous The inventor of Maths...
  • Thank You miss
  • Here are your results
  • Look Google what have you done to my maths
  • Grades:ExceedMeetWorking TowardsWorking Below ✔️
  •  Question PaperMina borrowed Tk. 350 to Tipu. After few days Mina gave another Tk.250. How much money Mina borrowed to Tipu?Mina borrowed to Tipu Tk.350Again gave to Tipu. Tk. 250————————————————————Mina gave to Tipu total Tk.5 10 0Ans : 5 10 0 ❌ Teacher’s comment:I feel like crying Wa wa wa... 😡😩😭😤
  • Oh my lord, look what human civilization has done to my maths. I want to die again.Google I will kill you.....Wa Wa Wa Wa
  • Created by: Aayan-Ud- Dowla Civilization Redefined
  • Meanwhile, up from the skies