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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/23/2019
Unknown Story
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  • peabody
  • Tom and his wife are very sinful people always fighting and arguing. They are very miserable people. sometimes tom's wife would hurt him. they were always angry at each other
  • Tom was taking a short cut home on a dark and gloomy path which was leading up to someone that he would eventually meet.
  • as tom was walking on the path he came upon the devil. everybody would of ran away or screamed when they saw him. But tom never did. He was not scared of the devil at all. The devil said that he would show him where treasure was if tom would give him his soul. tom declined this offer and finished his way home.
  • Tom told his wife that he came upon the devil, and told her the offer the devil gave him. toms wife asked him if he took the offer and tom said no. So she took it upon herself to go find the devil and to take the deal that tom never did. Tom's wife never ended up coming back. she had taken all the valuables with her as well. when tom came upon a tree with the apron tom's wife was carrying all the valuables. Tom did not find any valuables in it all he found was a heart and a liver which he thought was his wife's.
  • Tom has become a wealthy man and decides that the devil can't touch him or take his money away with the bet if heroes to church and always has the bible with him. this time the devil shows up to get the money and tom left the bible on the side of his bed. Tom did not want to pay up to the devil.
  • the next day the devil shows up and takes tom away, and never came back again. tom had died
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