Othello Act 2
Updated: 12/3/2020
Othello Act 2

Storyboard Text

  • look here comes the beautiful Desdemona lets all bow down to her Othello should be glad to have her as his wife
  • All woman are the same in public but once they get home they are wild
  • Ah he is about to hold her hand i will use this against him and tell Othello that they are flirting thats how i will get my revenge
  • I have no idea why i am acting this way i am so sorry lieutenant please forgive me
  • Everyone the Turkish fleet has been destroyed now time to celebrate
  • Roderigo what happened you have gotten hurt are you ok
  • You creep why are you following me stop trying to teach me manners SLAP!!!!!!
  • Guys stop what has become of you ya'll need to listen and control yourselves
  • Shut your mouth your reckless behavior is unacceptable you are relieved of your military duties immediately
  • I have screwed up what can i do to get my job back and earn Othello's trust again
  • go to Desdemona she has the need to help everyone she will talk to Othello and help you get your job back
  • Idiot that will never work muhahahaha my plan is genius it will end up looking like an affair
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