Lucas the turtle
Updated: 6/10/2020
Lucas the turtle
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It was the last day of school then a boy called John his teacher said that we will have pets day.But john did not have anything except for his favourite unique turtle which was given to him on his birthday.It was a baby turtle, John took good care of him he gets him a bowl bigger and better every week.So John took Lucas to the school and everyone brought their pets to school and everyone wanted to touch lucas because he was really unique he had a pink shell and purple skin, john had alot of fun school was over lucas did a ritual which released animals and ruined the word then john was really scared there were many animals outside and inside there were scary prehistoric dogs guarding Lucas.Lucas saw tears in his eyes and was on his knees to kill all these animals then Lucas told the dogs to call almighty king midas with the gold touch and the dogs brought back midas and midas went outside.And touched every animal made them statue in his temple also John took Lucas home never took him anywhere.THE END
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