The Girl Who Always Wants More
Updated: 3/11/2020
The Girl Who Always Wants More

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I'm Stella.
  • Look at my new phone.
  • Its so cool, its the same as mine.
  • Dad! I need a new phone Robin just got the same phone I have.
  • Uh okay I guess but I thought I just got you that phone 3 months ago.
  • This is the story of a girl named Stella. Stella was spoiled she had everything she could ever want.But she always wanted more.
  • Ya totally cool. We have the same color cars now.
  • I just got new car for my birthday isn't it cool.
  • Stella thought that she should be able to have the newest and best things. So when her best friend Robin came to school with a new phone Stella had to have a better one.
  • This is ridiculous you just got that car last week. Your being greedy.
  • Dad I need a new car. Macy's is the same color as mine.
  • When Stella got home that night she went to her Father and demanded him to get her a better phone then Robins.
  • The moral of the story is to be grateful for what you have and don't be greedy.
  • Later that day Stella went to meet her friends at the movies with her new phone in hand. When she arrived in the parking lot her friend Macy had gotten a new car that was the same color as Stella's.
  • After the movie Stella went home and told her Dad that she needed a new car that was a different color then Macy's. Her Dad said no that she was being greedy.