7 Characteristics of Living Things
Updated: 9/23/2018
7 Characteristics of Living Things
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  • Nutrition
  • Wow! This plant taste great!
  • Growth
  • I hope I will grow to be as big as you.
  • Respiration
  • I breath in oxygen that the tree lets out and the tree takes in the carton dioxide that I exhale.
  • All living things need food to have energy. Plants use the sun's energy make sugar through photosynthesis. Animals eat either plants or animals to get energy.
  • Movement
  • I am moving by jumping out of the water.
  • As living things get older their number of cells increase, and also their size. 
  • Sensitivity
  • Since it is snowing outside, I am wearing a jacket.
  • Respiration is when living things exchange substances like gases with theirs surroundings. Such as when mammals exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with plants.
  • Reproduction
  • This is our little family.
  • All living things move such as growing, running, jumping, swimming, or walking.
  •  All living responds to stimuli, for example, when it is snowing outside you might put a jacket on because it is cold.
  • All living things reproduce and have offsprings.
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