Unknown Story
Updated: 1/2/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • Good morning.
  • I am not crazy i don't want this mans money i like the man but i just don't like his EYE.
  • Rising Action
  • .zzzz
  • I have been staring at this man for seven nights stratight
  • climax
  • ahhh!!!!!WHO'S THEIR
  • I think it's time to kill this old man.
  • I will sufacate this man.
  • The Narritor is explian how he's not crazy and how he likes the old man and doesn't want anything from him but that one eye of the old man just drived him crazy.
  • falling Action
  • We are wondering what happened to the old man because we haven't seen him in days?
  • The seven night that the narritor staired at the old man and the night he was going to kill him he took like almost all night to open the door.
  • Resolution
  • Sir you are under arrested!!!!
  • ok! ok! I killed the old man beacuse of his eye
  • The narraitor makes noise and the old man wakes up and then the narritor sufactes the old man with the mattrest.
  • Theme/Conflict
  • We came to see if the old was here becasue we havent seen him in a cuple days and we are worried that he has died or gone missing. The narrtior says that the old man went out for a bisnusess trip for a few days and the police or about to leave the then ........The poilce come to see were the old man went and
  • OH! Looks like he didn't tell you he's on a bisnusess trip for a few days.
  • The narrtior says that he killed the old man because of his eye and and then tells the police were he put the old man and they they take hime to jail.
  • Now the narrtior is in jail because of one eye and a heart beat.
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