Lamb to the Slaughter Storyboard Assignment
Updated: 12/13/2020
Lamb to the Slaughter Storyboard Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Mary Maloney is waiting for her husband to come back from work. She looks at the clock to pass the time in anticipation of her husband's return because she loves him so much. She has prepared soda water and whiskey for both of them to drink. She is six months pregnant (Dahl, #)
  • Mary's husband returns home from work and she prepares drinks for both of them. Mary constantly caters to her husband as she asks if he would like something to eat or to refill his glass. After a while, Her husband tells her to sit down and listen to him. It was at that moment he told her he was leaving her, most likely because the baby wouldn't be good for his job (Dahl, 2-3).
  • Upset by the news, Mary decides to walk away and prepare dinner. She looks in the freezer and finds a lamb leg. After deciding to have lamb for dinner, her husband just tells her he's going out for dinner. It was at that moment, Mary went up to behind her husband and hit him at the back of his head with the leg, killing him (Dahl, 3).
  • After rehearsing a few times in the mirror to act normal, she heads to the grocer, Sam. They greet each other normally as if nothing happened. Mary asks for two Idaho potatoes and a can of peas. They talk about what Patrick, Mary Maloney's husband, would want to eat. Sam recommends cheesecake to which Mary agrees. After wrapping everything, Mary bids Sam goodbye (Dahl, 4).
  • The second phase of Mary's plan was to report her husband to the authorities to not look suspicious. After lying to the officer on how she found her husband dead, he called in a doctor, two detectives and a photographer. After conducting an autopsy, they conclude the weapon to be some sort of heavy object and it is in this house (Dahl, 5-6).
  • One of the policemen, Seargent Noonan, reminded Mary that the lamb leg was still in the oven. After taking it out, still acting, of course, she offers the food to the four remaining men in the house. With great reluctance, they eat the lamb, not knowing that it was the actual murder weapon while Mary just giggles to herself in the other room, getting away with the murder (Dahl, 7-8).
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