Dispersal of Native Americans

Dispersal of Native Americans
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  • This, in turn, made it easier to confine Natives onto small plantations.
  • The dispersal of the tribes began with federal government policies against Native Americans.
  • Exterminating the buffalo forced native Americans to become more like white settlers and to stop leading nomadic lifestyles.
  • After dividing tribal lands, the European settlers decided to decimate the buffalo.
  • They also made policies stating that only Natives who accepted the division of tribal lands could become citizens.
  • One example is encouraging natives toward agriculture, hoping to divide their tribal lands.
  • Dispersal of the Tribes
  • The Indian Wars of Sand Creek and Little Bighorn exacted a terrible toll on the Native people.
  • After the wars, the Native tribes faced dispersion of tribal lands and forced relocation.
  • The Ghost Dance movement led some natives to believe that if they performed the ghost dance, they reunite the living with the spirits of the dead, bring the spirits to fight on their behalf, end American Westward expansion, and bring peace, prosperity, and unity to the Native American peoples.
  • One third of all Cherokees and Seminoles died from violence, starvation, and war-related illness.
  • This movement, however, was unsuccessful and led to horrendous massacre which left about 300 dead and 50 injured.This was known as the Wounded Knee Massacre.
  • The Dawes Act was one of the final policies that aided in Native American forced relocation.
  • All of these events played a significant role in the forced dispersion of Native tribes. However, it only begins to highlight the violence and horrible treatment the Native Americans had to endure at the hands of white settlers.
  • The Act made it so that only natives who accepted the division of tribal lands were allowed to become citizens.
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