Updated: 1/20/2021

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  • We must flee to the American land !
  • I think that a war is brewing, it's too dangerous to stay here.
  • There are too many religious tensions in England.
  • We are a protestant religious group : the Pilgrims and we set sail for the New world since 1620.
  • The journey is so long and there were many awful storms !
  • I hope this place will be more peaceful
  • We finally arrived to the New Land !!
  • Many of us have already died from disease or the leaking of our boat : the Mayflower.
  • But unfortunately , the following winter was very difficult for them....
  • We don't have enough food, and i'ts impossible to cultivate because of the cold weather!
  • We are a local tribe and we can help you to grow some vegetables such as corn , beans ..
  • Thank you so much ! Its so generous !
  • You will have a bountiful harvest !
  • This was called " Thanksgiving "
  • Happy END
  • To celebrate this event they organised a three-day feast with the Native Americans
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