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Updated: 8/27/2020
Unknown Story

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  • my leg is gushing blood i guess i wish i blond
  • i want to jut my legs. oww!!!
  • OH please your gonna make me laugh it just the tenth hair you found on those pants.
  • MORGAN! I sense a notch in my pants.
  • thanks for driving alice
  • your welcome ill get the stuff we are sleeping in cots
  • Witch way back to out cabin.
  • THis dock view is so pretty! (Shruged) Dont be mad its in the past im sorry.
  • This is a clinch. I'll lead us back
  • we are sittinng on stumps
  • Remember last time we came here that dove bird dove into the water and it got my clothes damp.
  • I think im gonna eat a plum then make a batch of cookies and then probably scan the cabin
  • alice im breaking up with you sorry not sorry
  • boyfreind
  • im sorry its gonna be ok its gonna tough at your heart but have some cookies
  • ok i might get on my phone and lay on the couch and fling a ball up in the air til the cookied are done
  • your cookies last time your cookies were rough andhard but these are chewy
  • morgan tomas broke up with me he niked my heart