Darwin theory
Updated: 11/22/2020
Darwin theory

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  • 1835, in the Galapagos Islands, the English naturalist, Charles Darwin arrived by boat
  • Darwin collected animals and plants to study them and to write a book on the origin of species. This book changed the way biology was understood .
  • There is three concepts : - Natural selection
  • Darwin's book on the Origin of Species
  • - Evolution - The origin of species
  • Randoms mutations can appear. Mutations improve the ability to survive (for example : a mouse that has a fur of a different color from that of its parents ) which gives better chances to reproduce so they transmit the new characteristics and this characteristic becomes the norm .
  • Natural selection
  • Two groups of the same species adapt to two differents environments become two differents species.
  • Evolution
  • Each species has not always been the way they are today. Each one had changed thanks to favorable mutations, to adapt to environments that never stop changing. The processes of natural selection and evolution help us to understand the origin of species .
  • The origin of species
  • Darwin was an important man and one of the most influential scientists in history.His theories are still studied and discussed even though he died in 1882, because they changed the way we understand science, the world and the role humans play on this planet.
  • Charles Darwin