the mistake of the kids.

Updated: 6/30/2020
the mistake of the kids.

Storyboard Text

  • there was a house in the neighbourhood who no one visited.
  • most believe it's haunted. No one alive today knew the contents behind the door
  • Michael, Jessie and Harry went inside
  • but one day, the door opened by itself.
  • It was really quite. Yet, peaceful. "Surely, there is no way this house is haunted." said Michael.
  • then, bang! Something just fell on the floor. The kids left.
  • The kids did their research on the house. they found out that an old man lived there.
  • they arrived again but this time when they opened the door, they heard an old man cry. He had a heart attack.
  • People didn't come here not because they thought it was haunted but they knew that even by the fainest sound he will have a heart attack.
  • now, the kids realised their mistake.