Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • Macbeth and Banquo finish fighting off the Norwegians and on their way back they meet with three witches that tell them their fate, they tell Macbeth that he becomes king.
  • King Duncan visits Macbeth's castle to eat and celebrate. In the meantime Macbeth and his wife are plotting to kill Duncan so Macbeth can become king like the witches said.
  • Macbeth kills Duncan and becomes king but he still doesn't feel safe because of Banquo's children becoming king just like the witches said. He pays men to go and murder him and his son.
  • After the men kill Banquo, but fail to kill his son, Macbeth sees his ghost and gets even more scared of the future, so he goes to the witches and their masters tell him that until Brinam wood moves to Dunsinane hill and that no man born from a mother cant kill him he wont be defeated.
  • Macduff and Malcolm talk about fighting against Macbeth and making Malcolm king, they are given an army and have higher numbers than Macbeth.
  • Since they went to Macbeth with Brinam wood and Macduff was cut out of his mother than he killed Macbeth and the battle was won.
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