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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/14/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Oh yeah, I think we got a spy. Cherry I believe her name was
  • Oh, come on Johnny. You dont have to turn yourself in!
  • Well, I cant spend my time running.
  • Something happened to the Church. We were having a picnic when it caught on fire.
  • Dally gives ponyboy and johnney a surprise, saying that Cherry Valence is a spy for the greasers. Ponyboy and johnny were in shock when they heard the news.
  • HELP!!!
  • SHUT UP. We will get you guys out of here.
  • Ponyboy sits quietly and watches as Dally and Johnny go at it. Johnny wants to turn himself in because he cant stand living life on the run anymore. On the other hand, Dally doesent want johnny to go through the bad things that he expirenced in prison.
  • Dont worry. They are fine. You on the other hand are not. You were burnt bad.
  • Where am I? WHERE ARE JOHNNY AND DALLY? My friends!
  • At the church, Ponyboy and johnny ask around to find out what happend.They then see that little children are trapped inside the fire.
  • Ponyboy! We missed you so much. Your hair. What happened?Are you ok?
  • Sodapop! Darry! I Missed you guys so much! Im sorry I left you to worry.
  • In the burning church, Pony and johnny try to rescue the kids by getting them safely outside, because they feel guilty about starting it.
  • ln the van.Ponyboy is very scared because he is alone with only Jerry. He doesent know what to do, but he is in an ambulence on the way to a hospital. He asks about johnny and Dally.
  • At the hospital, Ponyboy finds Soda and Darry waiting there, ready to welcome him in open arms. They missed him a lot. Ponyboy bursts into tears when he sees them.
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