The Legend of Osiris Story
Updated: 1/9/2020
The Legend of Osiris Story
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  • I am God Ra, and my favorite child is Osiris <3
  • (more favorited)
  • Osiris
  • Set
  • Osiris, you will be the first Pharaoh of Egypt
  • There was once a god named Ra who had a bunch of children that were busy running the world. There was one particularly that he liked more than the others and that was his grandson Osiris who had a brother named Set.
  • I should be the Pharaoh of Egypt not you!! >:( Now you'll die and your body pieces will go in the river.
  • Osiris was much more liked than Set.
  • Osiris, I'll make you the God of the Dead.
  • Since Ra loved him so much, he made him the first Pharaoh of Egypt.
  • I miss you Osiris.
  • Set was furious so he killed Osiris, chopped him into pieces, and threw him into the river.
  • Ra was so angry at Set and decided to make Osiris God of The Dead, meanwhile young prince Horus murdered his Uncle Set even though he was young.
  • His wife Isis managed to gather all his body pieces up and had a friend put him back together, but couldn't bring him back to life. Now once every year, Isis goes to the river in memory of him and tears fill her eyes.
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