Updated: 2/9/2020
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  • Zinc
  • Zinc (Zn) Hi , my name is zinc. I am a transition metal located in group 12 of periodic table. I am the first metal in my group. 
  • Who I like to meet?
  • All metal in my group have the same properties like me. Iron is a similar element to me. There are many elements I would like to meet. For example, I would like to meetMagnesium. If I had a chance to meet Magnesium, we would have an ionic bond since I am a metal and Magnesium is a non metal.
  • Who I have to avoid?
  • I would avoid noble gases however because these elements don't react with other elements like me. This is because their outer electronic shell is full.
  • Brass
  • Brass is a malleable alloy made when I meet with copper (Cu) through a metallic bond. It is a type of bonding between atoms that is a result of the attraction force between the valence electrons and the atoms.
  • Chemical Formula of Brass
  • When I meet with Copper to form Brass, my chemical formula will be Cu3Zn2 and my color will turn to a muted yellow color, somewhat similar to gold.
  • General Properties of Brass & Intermolecular Attraction
  • Brass is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It has a good corrosion resistance against seawater. By variation the ratio of Zinc and Copper, Brass can be harder or softer. Brass is the metal of choice for many musical instruments. It's an ideal alloy for the transport of water through pipes and fittings.
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