Unknown Story
Updated: 3/18/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • You can not deny your fate. Master Constantine. You have his soul, you must join us. It is your destiny.
  • I will never be like Constantine! I am my own person, I will shape my own destiny! I am Callum Hunt!
  • ....Maybe they will only look upon me with disgust. But I swear on my life, that I wont allow myself to become the monster they see me as!
  • You foolish brat. We both know that when you return you will be shunned. The Magistrum may accept you but you will always be watched, they will never trust you again! You will always be seen as Constantine Madden!
  • Why must you deny your destiny! Why must you deny your power!
  • Because I owe it to all the people I..., no, the people Constantine slaughtered!
  • But first, I must avenge the people you slaughtered, Arron, my peers, and my teachers!