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The Pearl
Updated: 11/12/2018
The Pearl
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Due Nov 12

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  • The Pearl
  • Exposition: Content & Calm
  • Rising Action: Joyfulness & Suspicion
  • By John Steinbeck
  • Climax: Suspenseful, Sad
  • Kino is a pearl hunter who, on most days, doesn't find valuable pearls. He and his wife, Juana, live a poor and simple but happy life with their child Coyotito.
  • Falling Action: Grief & Despair
  • Coyotito gets bitten by a scorpion. Kino asks the doctor for help but he refuses because they're natives and poor. When Kino finds The Pearl he becomes the center of attention. The doctor then heals Coyotito and demands payment. Kno refuses and says when he sells the peal he will use the money to pay. Later that night, they are robbed. After that, Juana believes that the pearl is bad luck and tries to throw it away but fails. Then a second robbery happens. Kino reclaims the pearl from the robber but accidentally kills him while doing it. After all this, they leave the village and go to the desert. There, they are hunted down by trackers. Kino sends Juana and their son to a cave whil he goes after the trackers.
  • Resolution: Relief & Regret
  • A fight breaks out between the trackers and Kino. He steals one of their guns and shoots two of them. Then, Kino shoots the last tracker and misses. The tracker falls into a pool of water. Then, Kino hears a cry from the cave. The shot that missed the tracker hit Coyotito, he is dead.
  • Kino and Juna return to the village with dead Coyotito on Juana's back. They are ashamed and in complete despair. They go to the sea.
  • Kino gives the pearl to Juana and asks her to throw it into the sea. She refuses and says he must do it himself. Kino throws the pearl into the sea. The pearl drifts down to the seafloor and settles in a place where it will never be found again.
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