Rasputin "Magic Man"
Updated: 2/13/2020
Rasputin "Magic Man"

Storyboard Text

  • Rasputin was a magic man who was hired by the Czarina of Russia to heal the prince.
  • Rasputin was working on healing the Prince's hemophilia
  • The Prince's was Alexei and he had hemophilia, a disease which prevents blood clotting. The Czarina was very worried about her son
  • Rasputin gained a lot of power and he also gained the attention of many noblemen's wives.
  • Some people were not happy with the power that Rasputin had obtained and they plotted to kill him.
  • Rasputin's enemies invited him to a party where they put poison in his drink, but he did't die.
  • Here Rasputin, have some wine.
  • Why thank you.
  • Mmm, it is delicious!
  • Rasputin's enemies were confused and enraged! They came up with a new plan.
  • Forget poison! Let's just shoot him.
  • Good idea!
  • Bolshevik! Why isn't he dying?
  • Ha! You will steal the hearts of our wives no longer "Magic man"!