Boy Of the Painted Cave
Updated: 11/9/2020
Boy Of the Painted Cave

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  • Tao Comes in Contact with a Eagle- and a little wolf-dog
  • Tao and the Wolf-dog is taunting the Eagle-Owl
  • Tao quickly gets the eggs before the eagle-owl gets her energy back
  • Tao hears moving around in bushes, when he finally gets the nerve too check what it is. When he checks, he sees an angry eagle-owl trying too protect her nest from the little wolf-dog.
  • When Tao and the wolf-dog are far away near where the eagle-owl is, they take a little break.
  • She turned on him in savage fury, beating him with her wings, slashing at him with her curved talons. He threw up his arms to protect his face as draw her off, but the feathered demon refused too be chase away. Now the boy and the wolf took turns taunting her. trying too divert her attention
  • Tao finally names the Wolf-dog as they catch rabbits together.
  • Soon Tao and the wolf dog were panting heavily as they tried again and again to reach the eggs. But the owl was tiring too; she was slowing down. She rocked back and forth on her short legs, her wings drooping, weary from the uneven fight. Before she could recover, Tao rushed in and grabbed two of the large white eggs. Without looking back he vaulted away, out of danger. "Come little friend"
  • Tao has too let o of Ram because he knows he cant keep him
  • When they were far enough away, Tao stopped. Panting, he sat down with his back against the trunk of an old birch tree. He cracked one of the eggs on a stone, opened it and dipped his tongue into the thick fluid. "The eggs were newly made" Then he gave it too the wolf dog. The dog finished his and looked up as if expecting more.
  • Tao, patting the wolf dog's head and scratching him behind the ears. " I will call Ram, after the spirit of the hunt." They stayed together for most of the day, roaming back and forth by the Slough, and by the late afternoon Tao had three more rabbits and a leather pouch full of lemmings.
  • For another moment Ram stood motionless, his yellow eyes staring at Tao. But when he saw the boy reach down to pick up more stones, he turned and ran off into the Slough. As soon as the wolf-dog has disappeared, Tao hurried on his way.
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