ELA 9 projects
Updated: 12/21/2020
ELA 9 projects

Storyboard Text

  • Birth and Childhood
  • Preperation
  • Lotus Eaters
  • As a child, Ulysses was favored by gods and goddesses. This symbolizes his future godlyness
  • The Cyclop's Cave
  • Ulysses prepared for his future by fighting in the trojan war which was ended by the Romans riding a large wooden horse into Troy so they could invade them this is his preparation because he showed signs that he learned his future traits.
  • Ultimate battle
  • Ulysses first quest was when him and his men got trapped on an island and on the island there were lotus's and thes lotus's made the men have very good dreams and never want to leave. This is where Ulysses began to show his leadership. "Storm against the ships on land and sea" was what Zeus used as a simile to symbolize his power as a god.
  • Triumphant Return
  • Ulysses ultimate battle was when him and his men where on their boat and drawn to an island with a siren and scylla this showed his heroness
  • When Ulysses returned home he found that there where men trying to get his wife to marry them and saying that Ulysses died so they had an archery contest with Ulysses bow and the winner got the girl and this is a triumphant return because he comes back and gets the girl.
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