Updated: 6/10/2020

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  • All this week, I had some problems
  • Yes ! Me too, on Monday I missed the bus because I overslept !
  • It already happened to me !And therefore, the teacher was angry because I arrived late
  • On Tuesday, I couldn’t write at the test so I had a zero out of twenty, and my parents were very angry.
  • I had nineteen out of twenty at the test ! I'm so happy !
  • I had to go to the nurse so I didn't do it.
  •  I hadn't studied enough for the test so the miss was very angry.
  • I don't have brother and sister !
  • Me too ! I hate my sister
  • On Wednesday, my sister ate my breakfast so I felt sick in class.
  • Us, we run.
  • On Thursday, in sports, I fell and I broke my wrist.
  • For me, I had sore leg so I couldn't run.
  • It never happens to me, I'm never late. I'm soooo perfect.
  • On Friday, I discussed with my best friend
  • I discussed with my brother because he ate my dessert.
  • Me too, I discussed with my best friends because I copied his test. 
  • I discussed with my parents because I didn't tidy my room !
  • I hope that next week will be better !!!!
  • A friend stole my phone !
  • I don't have phone because my parents don't want to buy one to !
  • Me toooooo !!!!!
  • On Saturday, I lost my phone !
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