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Updated: 4/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Welcome class! Now who can tell me what phantom energy is? Good job, now it's recess, bye class!
  • Phantom energy is basically wasted energy, like if you keep your Chromebook charging all the time even when it's fully charged.
  • Hey Ana, me and Eliza were wondering how you knew all that energy stuff.
  • Yeah, like, me and Eric struggle a lot with, like, that stuff.
  • I'd be happy to help you study!
  • So you're saying that if we leave the lights on when we leave we're wasting energy?
  • That's basically what she's saying, yeah!
  • We want to waste as little energy as possible by turning off lights and unplugging electronics. It's better for the world!
  • I'm going to unplug them all right now!!
  • OMG, that's wasting energy! How could we do that?
  • See here, all these Chromebooks are still plugged in!
  • Where's the switch?
  • Don't they know that it's wasting energy?
  • And look, we're preparing for the dance, but they left the lights on!
  • We're the Energy team, here to save the world!
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