Describing Place 2
Updated: 11/27/2020
Describing Place 2

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  • Hi Gina, I'm here!
  • Hi jimmy, I finally found you!
  • Bayswater Inn Hotel
  • Umm, I think it's Jimmy.
  • I'm very happy to see you Gina
  • How are you Gina??
  • I'm good!Long time no see Jim!
  • I bet you about it. It also give you incredibly great prices
  • How did you sleep last night at Bayswater inn Hotel?
  • That was great. the hotel is so clean, comfortable, and quiet enough. it has good facilities, and good service
  • I love It!
  • 1. Gina has been in England to spend her holiday this summer. She asks her friend, Jimmy to meet her in front of Bayswater Inn Hotel, because Jimmy has been in England for years
  • The weather is good, lets take a walk Gin!
  • I think you should visit the British Museum
  • Nice Idea! where we are going to go?
  • You are the guide. I follow you, sir.
  • 2. They greet and talk to each other
  • This is the oldest museum in the world that has a collection of no less than 6 million collections. The collection covers 1.8 million years of civilization
  • Here we are!
  • British Museum
  • Wow! It's amazing.
  • 3. Then they sit in front of the hotel, telling their stories.
  • Wow! That’s creepy. It’s so ancient, isn’t it?
  • Yes, you’re right. It’s called Mummified Cat which originated from Abydos and recorded since 30 BC
  • Look at that! Is that a mummy?
  • Yes, it is.
  • Lets move to the second floor
  • 4. Jimmy intends to invite Gina to visit the British Museum
  • hahaha..Lets go!
  • 5. After a long journey, they finally arrived at the British Museum
  • Awesome!
  • 6. They surround the museum, they are on the 1st floor. There are some mummies that were recorded since 30 BC
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