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Updated: 2/14/2020
Graphic Essay
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  • HW: Read Paged 28-36 for Friday
  • Shit he's looking at me.
  • I offer unique extra credit opportunity for my special students.
  • I don't understand what you mean. What extra credit?
  • I was always the teacher's pet. Straight A student who never even turned a paper in late. I prided myself on how I managed to alway be on top of things, but that was my problem now.
  • You looked hot today in class.
  • He's so sweet.
  • Darius Hannover. The distinguished gentleman who taught 3rd period English, also known as Mr. H to some students. To me, he was Darius.
  • You gotta wear that skirt more often.
  • I think I love him.
  • The day I got called into his office is the day I made my biggest mistake. I gave in.
  • Come over here sweetheart.
  • He took me out for coffee. He told me I was the most beautiful girl in the school. He made me feel special in ways no AP class ever could.
  • Let's head back home.
  • I don't wanna leave.
  • We started spending more time together after class I secret. It was thrilling, at first. Being together in school wasn't enough. I wanted a life with him. I wanted a future and I wanted promises.
  • Principal Hanover!
  • So he agreed. For a while we played house, and for a while, I was happy. My parents assumed I took up new extra-cirriculars, which I sort of did. I would spend hours at his house well into the evening.
  • If your so special why are you secret?
  • I'd do anything for you.
  • We went on dates in public finally. He held my hand and pulled me close. He promised he loved me. He promised we'd get married when I turned 18. He promised a lot of things.
  • Then everything changed. He got promoted. He said it wasn't appropirate anymore. He said we could only see each other after school now, and never in public. He had an image to look out for.
  • Like it was appropriate before?
  • I realized I was just a glorified teacher's pet. He never intended to marry me. He used me for my body and prenteded to love me. He abused his authority and minipulated my innocence. He took the best years of my life and tainted them.
  • You were never special, just an easy lay.
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