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Updated: 10/23/2020
comic strip

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  • One sunny morning while Jally is walking at the street heading to her house she met her friend Jessy who just recently moved at the town with her family.
  • Yes it is true , it is because of the geologic issues happened lately so me and my family decided to move here at the town for safety.
  • Jessy, I heard you and your family transferred here at the town lately, is it true?
  • Then the two girls went to the cafe to talk
  • Sure, let's talk about it at the cafe
  • Oh so that is the reason, would you mind if I would ask more about it?
  • Due to heavy rains that happened lately and the eruption of volcano there have been changes and issues that occurs uphill like debris avalanche and rock avalanche
  • Definitely yes!
  • Would you mind if I ask what happened uphill?
  • So that is the reason why you and your family transferred here at the town?
  • Yes, both are different
  • Are debris avalanche and rock avalanche different from one another?
  • Debris Avalanche is the fastest and most destructive mass movement.
  • it moves down the slope, in many cases it travels considerable distance down valleys and across relatively gentle slopes and it is because of eruption of a volcano
  • After that hang out the two girls decided to continue their hangout next day and they decided to went home because the rain started to shower again.
  • While rock avalanche is caused by heavy rain fall when rock mass falls of a cliff face and shatter on contact, sending turbulent jumble of rock fragments, some bigger than cars, flowing downhill
  • Oh, now I know their difference thank you for the information Jessy.
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