Story Board 2
Updated: 2/12/2021
Story Board 2

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, I would like a Latte Macchiato please.
  • Alright. Your orders will be ready in a little while. Thank you.
  • Hello I'm Monica. Welcome to Bold and Brew. What would you like to order?
  • I'll just have Mei's Matcha Special.
  • So what are working on Avery?
  • During 1946, the controversy began with the death of governor-elect Eugene Talmadge. Many of his supporters replaced his name with his son, Herman Talmadge.
  • Interesting. What do you have so far?
  • Just a report about the controversy between the 3 governors of Georgia.
  • The state legislature chose Herman Talmadge from the large number of write-in ballots. However Governor Ellis Arnall didn't want him to win since Herman Talmadge would continue white supremacy like his father. That's all I have so far.
  • Great start. Mind if I add something for a little bit.
  • Sure Paige.
  • Right. However, Thompson had a different governor's office right in Atlanta. Soon, The Supreme Court intervene and ruled that Thompson was to serve as governor until the special elections were held.
  • Well because of that, Arnall resigned so that Lieutenant Governor Melvin Thomas could take over.
  • So Talmadge took the Governor's Mansion with violence and captured control.
  • Alright, Thanks.
  • No problem.
  • Oh wait, I forgot to mention this! The white primary system was a benefit to white supremacists. It prevented African Americans from the political process.
  • Oh yeah. During 1946, the white primary system ended in Georgia since the Supreme Court revoked Texas' similar primary.
  • Well I'll finish this later. I believe our order is ready.
  • Thank you. I'm so excited to drink this. I was so thirsty.
  • Here you go ladies. Let me know if y'all need anything. Enjoy!
  • Me too. Cheers.
  • The End.