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Updated: 10/9/2020
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  • Splendid idea Governor
  • Let’s form an alliance with the Native American so we can become larger and stronger as a nation
  • Brilliant !!!
  • we should combine our colonies with the native Americans for more power .
  • What are you INSANE!!??
  • I said FINAL.
  • Stop your meetings at once . No alliance final
  • But my king.....
  • In 1764, the assembly of New York privately held by Governor Colden took place in order to discuss the idea of including the Indian tribes to the British colonies
  • Finally
  • But the king had heard about the plan , and he believed that they didn’t need to combine with the natives Americans because the colonies would Be over populated Even though they would have an alliance and could strengthen their nation The king Was still against it
  • i’m happy the war is over but there are so many people now.
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  • We should come up with new laws ideas for the king to establish so that we can prosper as a nation
  • The king immediately told his governors to stop discussing there plan and to hold of the alliance with the native Americans. The king explained how they aren’t allowed Continue with there plan until he gave his approval, and the king never brought it up again and the situation was left unresolved
  • NO!
  • My King the colonists and I have com up with ideas of new laws that can help our economy And everyone benefits
  • In 1763 peace was finally was made between Great Britain and Europe after 7 years long years of war . After the war the colonies grew much bigger and New laws need to be made in order to keep the colonies from falling apart.
  • The colonist held several assemblies discussing how they can improve their nations with new laws the colonist focused laws that would only benefits their nation and not laws That would bring harm to anyone .
  • Even though the colonist new ideas of laws were mostly about wanting to expand their land it wouldn’t have brought any harm to anyone it would only make their economy better but the king still look like it’s their ideas. Even though there was obviously no harm in their interests the governors and ministers representing England and the king refused the Accommodate with the colonists
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