Muslim bin Awsajah

Updated: 7/18/2020
Muslim bin Awsajah

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  • Give bayah to Yazid or else we will fight.
  • In Kerbala Imam Hussein{as} faced Yazid's army.Yazid wanted the Imam to give bayah to him but the Imam refused and agreed to face the consequences.
  • I will never give bayyah to Yazid.
  • A single glance at the Imam's camp was enough to terrify Umar bin Saad. Even though Yazid's army was larger and equipped with better weapons, but Imam's camp was loaded with faith, the most powerful weapon.
  • O Son of Saad! Why are you looking so terrified ?
  • don't you see Husseins warriors ready to spill our blood
  • Can you notsee Hussein's warriors ready to fight us tomorrow?
  • Seeing Umar so scared made Shimr very cross ,and was even angrier that he was scared of the Imam's army when Yazid's army was twice the size of the imam's army.
  • They don't even fear death Shimr !
  • Umar- if our men see you so scared we shall loose!
  • Umar knew he was on the wrong path, but his desire to rule the province of Ray could only be fulfilled by defeating the Imam's army.
  • On the other hand, Imam Hussein wasn't interested in numbers, instead he was interested in believers who had freed themselves from the desires of this world.
  • Ya Allah! please help us serve Imam Hussein tomorrow...
  • Ya Allah! please help us tomorrow..
  • Imam Hussein gathered his companions and praised the almighty and said for those who want to leave can go ...
  • As the Imam finished his speech, a few started to leave the imams camp.
  • We shall leave in the darkness of the night ...
  • You all can also go back to your home...
  • How can we leave you alone, O Imam!
  • Muslim bin Awsaja was deeply grieved on the sight that people were leaving the Imam alone.
  • I shall not leave the Imam till I have killed each one of the enemies.
  • On the day of Ashura Muslim bin Awsajah asked permission from the Imam to go fight.
  • If you don't know me I'm a furious lion from the tribe of Bani Asad...
  • Muslim attacked like a lion and fought bravely.
  • As the dust settled they saw Muslim Bin Awsaja's body on the burning plains of Kerbala. Imam rushed out, he said his will and he said that the Imam will not be left alone ,and left the world knowing Imam was not left alone...
  • Oh Muslim! enjoy the pleasures of paradise...
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