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Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • If we open unsafe manners without having any restrictions. Such as wearing masks in public places and staying six feet away from others. It will put peoples lives in danger .
  • All of us would like our life to go back to normal .Everyone wants to get out there and have fun at parties or public places. But we can’t not do that because if we don’t do social distance it could cause the virus to spread to others.
  • Some governors are observing other countries to see how the reopening will go. If they see that it is working for other countries then many governors will be confident in reopening. Many governors are nervous and scared what reopening can cause to people's health.
  • If the governor's move to quickly and not smartly. The cases will increase again and many more deaths will occur. People don’t want the virus to spread even more because then many people will lose their loves.
  • If more people get the virus than it will affect the hospitals too. The reason why is because there will be more patients who don’t have hospital beds and ventilators. We don’t want hospitals to run out of equipment because if hospitals run out of equipment that means more deaths.
  • We have a test to see if we could have COVID-19 or not . If the cases go open for reopening the wrong way then more people need to get tested. We might run out of testing equipment that will cause people to panic if they have the virus or not.