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My Personal Narrative by Andre Deudjui
Updated: 9/24/2020
My Personal Narrative by Andre Deudjui
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  • The time I got lost in the wood'sand chased by raccoon's
  • Exposition
  • why am I It.
  • You and me got tagged first.
  • Rising Action
  • 29,28,27
  • 29,28,27
  • This is about to be to easy.
  • My prompt is when i had to leave someone or something behind.
  • Climax
  • No, no way ,you cant be serious.
  • What has this day become.
  • It was a hot sunny day at my grandparent's house when me, my brother's ,and my cousin's wanted to play Infected. This took place last summer in July. We had just finished round 2 was siting on the deck.
  • Falling Action
  • Andre don't run help us.
  • Nah I agree with Andre every man for him self.
  • We was all thinking about what to do for our 3rd and all decided to play it in the wood's which i didn't want to but had to. My two cousin's who was it started two count and I ran away from them into the the wood's.
  • Resulotion
  • I ran off with my two cousin's Tony and Emon to go find a safe place to hid we was all walking along when we realized we was lost. So we started talking on what we was going to do when I herd something, I looked and see 3 or 4 raccoon's start to chase us.
  • Bro those are raccoon's.
  • After that we all just start running i go left and and my two cousin goes right I realize the raccoon's are not chasing me any more but my two cousin's. I sit and wonder should I help them or should I run. I leave them to fend for them selves and go back the way I think we came because their 13 and 17 they will most likely be fine.
  • Nah I'm good we all should go are separate way's and find the other's so ceeya boy's.
  • Yup were on the wrong side for sure.
  • I just kept running for an hour and I look up and see all them on top off a big rock i go to them and we all look for a way out. We see a area that look's like the way out and we all run out and realize we made it out the wood's but soon realize were on the wrong side of the wood's. 4 hours later we got back to our house
  • This is the wrong side of the wood's isn't it.
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