Updated: 7/23/2020
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  • One night Andres was sitting in his room doing his Religion assignment.
  • Since he left it to the last minute he thought to himself how in the world was he ever going to finish it.
  • He started to pray to God for some help with his work but fell asleep instead.
  • Yes I would.
  • Hello Sir. Do you know where I am
  • Yes. Hello Andres. My name is Jesus Christ. Would you like to follow me so that I can explain everything?
  • God answered Andres's prayers, however not in the way he expected
  • I can see that you're worried. Don't be. I will explain everything when we get to the water.
  • Ok
  • My Father tells me that you recently pray to him for some help with your assignment.
  • What's the problem my Son.
  • The problem is that I left everything for the last day and now my assignment is due and I have nothing to write.
  • I see. What is your assignment about?
  • Let me explain to you what my followers believe
  • Is about how people from all over the world express their faith.
  • As Christians we believe in a Trinity made up of the Father, me and the Holy Spirit.
  • Christians believe in the Bible and doing what is right vs what is wrong. My father gave to Moses the 10 commandments but I give a new one to my followers: love one another.
  • Is there a special book with instructions on how to live?
  • You can talk to my Father through prayer. You should a least try to pray once a day.
  • I brought you by the water because water symbolizes Baptism and it is very important to Christians. Its how they cleanse their body of the original sin.
  • Why did you bring me by the water Sir?
  • You can also meet me every Sunday at Mass through Communion
  • Christians celebrate my birth at Christmas and my death and resurrection at Easter
  • Thanks for your help Jesus. I really appreciate it.
  • Here to help you with the Jewish part of your project is my friend Moses
  • Hello my friend. Whats your name and how can assist you?
  • My name is Andres. I have a school project and I need help to learn about Judaism.
  • I know all about the Jewish faith. I was born a Jew so I know all about the culture.
  • Before we start let me just tell you that the Jews are very similar to Christians as we also believe in only one God however we have some different practices
  • Why are we in the desert Moses?
  • I brought you to the desert where God help me liberate the Jews from slavery.
  • It was here where God gave us Manna to survive and we spend 40 years.
  • The Jews prayer schedule is very different than Christians though. They are required to pray 3 times a day and have to wear a special head covering called a Kippah.
  • We also have a large amount of special ceremonies like Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, and Sukkot. Our moral code is the same as Christians because we follow the Ten Commandments.
  • The most important of all Jewish ceremonies though is Passover where we celebrate the day when God spared our life and "passed over" our houses. We celebrate this every year with a special dinner and customs.
  • Do the Jews have a sacred book like the Christians
  • The sacred book for the Jews is called the Torah.
  • Thank you for the lesson Moses. I took notes for my assignment.
  • Your welcome my young friend. Muhammad will greet you next. Just follow the right path and you'll be ok. Its been a pleasure.
  • Hello Andres!
  • I am who they call Muhammad. I understand you have some questions about Islam is that right?
  • Andres then wandered on the path until he came to a field. Then all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew by.
  • It is forbidden for me to be depicted.
  • Why can't I see you though?
  • Its one of the strict rules of Islam.
  • We also have strict rules that differ between genders. We believe that women should submit to the man and that Polygamy is acceptable under certain conditions
  • In Islam we believe in Allah. He is the same God that both Christians and Jews believe in however we choose to give him a different name.
  • We have special customs for births, marriage, and funerals and each are very important to us. Every year we celebrate Ramadan where we are asked to fast to humble ourselves.
  • Our sacred book is the Qur'an and was given to us by Allah. We are also required to pray 5 times a day
  • Is there a special garment that women have to wear or is the religion more oriented towards the men?
  • Our God also asks us to visit the Mecca at least once in our life if we are financially able. While many people see our methods as extreme it's all in the name of Allah.
  • Yes, good question. Women are required to wear a hijab as a part of our religion and the men is the provider and decision maker in the relationship.
  • Our moral code is called the 5 pillars of Islam. The final pillar which I haven't talk about is that we are required to help the poor.
  • Have a safe trip my friend. I hope you learned something. It was nice talking to you.
  • You too. Bye Muhammad
  • I wonder why that men is wearing an orange garment. Let me go ask him and find out.
  • Why is your head shaved and you have a weird looking outfit?
  • Hello there. I was wondering if I can ask you some questions.
  • Sure. What questions do you have.
  • It's because I'm a Buddhist Monk.
  • I have been trying to understand every religion and I was wondering if you could explains yours to me?
  • Sure. We all wear this as a sign of simplicity and because we reject all material wealth.
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