UTFOJ Part Two Storyboard

Updated: 1/24/2019
UTFOJ Part Two Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Event 1: The car becomes stuck in the mud "The tire only spun deeper into the hole, the rocks and twigs spitting from beneath," (130).
  • Event 2: Alejo moves into the house because he is sick "Later Alejo felt a cool object, and opened his eyes to see Petra rubbing a hen's egg on his bare stomach while she muttered prayers to herself," (98).
  • Event 3: Estrella takes $9.07 back from the cash box "When she (Estrella) was done, she separated the pennies from the dimes and nickels, counted the money...placed the bills and coins in the appropriate slots of the tin box," (146).
  • Event 4: Estrella uses a crowbar to smash the nurse's desk “You talk and talk and talk to them and they ignore you. But you pick up a crowbar and break the pictures of their children, and all of a sudden they listen real fast,” (151).
  • CLANG!
  • Event 5: Estrella sees Perfecto cry "Not far from the cooking pit, from the unpaved road, she saw Perfecto hide his face with his hands, and his shoulders trembled as if he were crying," (169).
  • Event 6: Estrella climbs the chain in the barn and sits on the roof "She tilted her head back. Way above her head, past the loft where some of the birds nested, was a trapdoor to the roof," (172).