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  • THE LEGEND OF LAKE TOBAComic Strip by Angel B. Rebusora
  •  One upon a time, there's a village in Sumatara. There live a  handsome man. His name was Batara Guru Sahala and He love fishing.
  • He was amazed at the beautiful colors of fish scales. Yellow gold reddish. The eyes are rounded and prominent, emit incredible rays. And He was surprised to find out that the fish could talk
  • One day, he caught a big fish.
  • Wait! Please have some pity and set me free!
  • As soon as it was free, the fish turned into a very beautiful women. She attracted Batara Guru so much, that he fell in love with her.
  • Batara Guru could not bear it, so he made the fish free.
  •  Batara Guru agreed and they become husband and wife. But, there was a promise that must be agreed, Batara Guru had to keep the secret, wshe had been a fish. If the promisewas abandoned, then terrible event will happen.
  • You're so kind Thank You so much! I would like to marry you.
  • One day Batara Guru got very angry with his daughters. He would not control his anger and shouted angrily the word of fish to his daughters.
  • A few years later, the happiness of Batara Guru and his wife increases because they had two daughters.
  • You hard headed daughters of fish!
  • The daughters were crying. They found their mother and talked to her about it.
  • Mother, father scolded us and said that we were daughters of a fish!
  • What?! He didn't keep his promises. Humans can never be really trusted!
  • The mother was very annoyed and shouting very angrily.
  • The earth suddenly began to shake. Volcanoes started to erupt. The earth formed a very big hole.
  • People believe that the big hole became a lake. Then this lake is known as Toba Lake.
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