Anne Frank Plot Diagram Example

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Anne Frank Plot Diagram Example
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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Lesson Plans by Anna Warfield

The Holocaust is one of the blackest periods in world history. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl whose family tried to escape persecution and imprisonment by hiding in secret rooms. Anne kept a diary of her experience in the “Secret Annex” that shows the difficulties the Franks faced, as well as courage, wisdom, and hope in the face of adversity.

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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

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Anne Frank Plot Diagram

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  • Anne Frank is a thirteen year old Jewish girl living in Amsterdam, Holland. Her parents give her a diary for her birthday and she writes all of her thoughts and experiences in letters to her friend, "Kitty."
  • The Franks live in German occupied Holland during World War II. Margot is called up for deportation by the Schutzstaffel (the S.S.). The Frank family go into hiding into Mr. Frank's old workplace with the help of Dutch coworkers.
  • Another Jewish runaway, Mr. Dussel, comes to stay with them. The Secret Annexe is now even more cramped.They have very limited supplies, must stay very quiet during the day, cannot go outside, and live in constant fear of discovery.
  • The warehouse below the Secret Annexe is broken into. Police come investigate and nearly find the entrance to their hiding place. Everyone has to stay still and silent for a long time, to avoid being found.
  • The Gestapo make arrests and take many people away all over the occupied countries. The green grocer down the street is arrested for hiding two Jews. The Secret Annexe receives even less food than before.
  • Their hiding place has been discovered! The Gestapo come to the Secret Annexe and take the Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Drussel away. Anne didn’t have time to write more in her diary before the Gestapo came.
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