Coupon Codes Hurt Conversion Rates

Coupon Codes Hurt Conversion Rates
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Unexpected Results in Business

Explaining Unexpected Results with Framework Templates

By Aaron Sherman

Customers often interact in amazingly creative ways to products and services rather than following your carefully designed plan. There can be unexpected results from various analytical tests, that may not be able to be explained with just numbers. By visually showing the process of what you think is happening, it helps share a hypothesis with others and shed light into what happened during a test. These insights can lead to new products or fundamental changes in your business model.

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Storyboard Description

When websites have coupon code boxes, it encourages customers to go hunt for a coupon. Customers sometimes forget to come back.

Storyboard Text

  • Oh, I wonder what code I can find on Google.
  • Coupon Code?
  • Broken Coupon Link Random Other Time Waste Funny Picture Website
  • Coupon Code for ________
  • Shoot! I forgot to go back and finish my purchase. Maybe tomorrow...
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