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Complete KWHL Graphic Organizer Template
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Storyboard Description

KWHL Graphic Organizer on Seasons. Use this completed KWHL graphic organizer as a template or an example!

Storyboard Text

  • K - What I Know
  • • There are four seasons
  • • Spring
  • • Summer
  • • Fall
  • W - What I Want to Know
  • • Why do the seasons change?
  • • Does everyone have the same seasons?
  • • How long is each season?
  • H - How Will I learn
  • • Talk with people I know from other countries about their seasons
  • • Search the web
  • • Library books
  • L- What I Learned
  • • We have seasons because of the way the Earth is tilted on its axis.
  • • Each season is three months long.
  • • The Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere have seasons at opposite times. When it's summer in one, it's winter in the other.
  • Winter
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