Intro to Geometry - Polygonia and Roundsville
Updated: 7/20/2018
Intro to Geometry - Polygonia and Roundsville

Storyboard Description

Math Story | Introduction to Geometry Lesson Plans | Regular Polygon

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to Roundsville! The people of Roundsville are all circles and ovals. Everyone has round sides; no straight lines or vertices.
  • The next town over is Polygonia. All the inhabitants are polygons. Some have three sides, some have four or more, but they all share straight, closed sides. No one in Polygonia has curves.
  • Roundsville is near a river, and is protected by a dam. But...
  • One day the dam breaks! The water rushes down the river and threatens to flood Roundsville!
  • Shapeston
  • Roundsville inhabitants form a chain together to stop the rushing water. They cannot close the gaps in between their round sides! Is the town doomed?!
  • Citizens of Polygonia worry about their neighbors. The polygons band together and stop the floodwaters from destroying Roundsville.
  • The citizens of Roundsville celebrate their heroes, the polygons.
  • Polygonia and Roundsville decide to combine their towns into the city of Shapeston. Polygons, circles, and shapes of all kinds can now live in peace.