Drug Prevention / Drug Awareness
Updated: 5/11/2020
Drug Prevention / Drug Awareness

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, Dawn! Do you wanna hang out with those guys in class after school? I hear they know how to have a good time.
  • Sure! Those guys are hot & super cool!
  • Hey, girls - you guys are looking good. You want some of these? It's LSD. This stuff will blow your mind. If you want to escape for a while - try some.
  • Ann & Dawn meet Danny & Paul after school near the train tracks. 
  • Dawn tries it. Ann fakes it & puts it in her pocket.
  • Hey, Mom. I'm home. Sorry I'm late. Uhhh, I had band practice after school.
  • Ann goes up to her room to get changed and start her homework.
  • Later on.....Ann was tired, so she went to bed. She didn't realize that the LSD she put in her pocket fell out on her floor.
  • After Ann left for school the next morning, her baby sister, Ella, was exploring & found Ann's LSD on the floor. She thought it looked yummy, so she licked it and then ate the paper.
  • Soon Baby Elle was unconscious, had dilated pupils, an increased heart rate, tremors, a high fever & a clenched jaw. Mom & Ann rushed her to the E.R. 
  • Mrs. Griffin, we need to know if Elle accidentally ingested anything? She shows signs of taking some sort of drug. We need to know what it was to help her.
  • It was LSD! I'm so sorry, Mom! I left it in my pocket & Elle must have found it! I'm so sorry! It's all my fault!
  • Later on that night.....
  • No, mom. I don't.
  • Ann, do you know you could have really hurt your baby sister?! What you did was so irresponsible! We are so lucky she is going to be ok. Do you know what the effects of LSD are?
  • Well, I'm going to tell you.
  • Here are a few ways LSD can affect every part of your body system.
  • I'm so sorry, Mom. The risks of LSD are so much worse than I ever knew. If my friends think I'm not cool, they're not my friends. I love you, Mom.