Updated: 10/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • When will the wage negotiation be? What will happen if you do not reach an agreement?
  • We will go on strike until we reach a 50/50 solution.
  • I think we should consult with the union before taking any decisions
  • I have received your concerns regarding your hourly rate increase.
  • Due to the Covid19 pandemic inflation is high and we are struggking to make ends meet,We would really appreciate if you can consider at least 1.5% increase.
  • The pandemic has hit us hard as a business we are not doing well. Can I consult with the shareholders and feedback.
  • Hoping to get the feedback as soon as possible
  • Based on collective bargaining an employercan make decisions affecting all stakeholders, dismiss or lockout employees, but employees can jointly withhold their labour.
  • We have spoken to the management regarding the hourly rate increase, they have promised to get back to us as soon as they reach an agreement with all shareholders.
  • Today we are getting feedback on the agreed %
  • Employees shop steward in a meeting with the management. The purpose of bargaining is to reach an agreement. Usually, this is achieved through compromise or concessions made by both parties
  • Section 85 of the Act sets out guidelines for the consultation process. According to this Section, the employer must consult with the forum with the aim of reaching a consensus
  • After we had a discussion with shareholders regarding your proposal and after going through our 2021 financial year report 1.5% increase is possible. We will liaise with HR to action the increase effective as from October 2021.
  • A workplace forum is a workplace-based body, consisting of employee representatives who meet with management representatives to engage in co-decision making on some issues and consultation on others.
  • Are they going to bsck pay us or we will wait for the final decision?
  • Did they give you a time frame on when they will be getting back to us.
  • If consensus is not reached, the employer must follow an agreed procedure before implementing any proposals. The workers are hopeless and even thinking of going on strike should they not receive feedback on the given date.
  • I said we must go on strike but you all refused.look now!
  • It's been a week without any communication from them, how sure are you about this feedback,
  • Conciliation is a process where a commissioner meets with the parties to a dispute and explores with them ways to settle the dispute by agreement. Only issues referred to the CCMA in terms of the Labour Relations Act, the Employment Equity Act, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Skills Development Act, or the National Minimum Wage Act require conciliation
  • Thank you so much for considering our proposal. I will be waiting for the revised contracts.