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Too close!
Updated: 4/1/2020
Too close!
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  • Adam was sitting at Victoria station waiting for the tube. Beth walked into the station to get the tube.
  • She walked up to Adam's bench and sat down VERY close to him. This made Adam feel uncomfortable.
  • Adam got onto the tube and Beth did too...VERY close behind him. This made Adam feel even MORE uncomfortable and a bit upset.
  • Adam sat down, and so did she....VERY close to him. Now Adam was feeling very upset.
  • Hi! I'm Christopher.
  • Beth leaned over to him and asked, "Does this tube stop at Pimlico?" Her face was VERY close to Adam's.
  • 'What should I do?!' thought Adam. 'She's too close and it's making me feel really uncomfortable and upset.'
  • Just then there was a flash of lightning! A boy appeared on the tube out of thin air!"Hi! I'm Christopher. I've come from Blossom House School to help you out".
  • "I can see that you are sitting very close to Adam, Beth. It is good to be friendly BUT standing or sitting too close to someone can make them feel uncomfortable!"
  • "When you sit down beside someone, in a classroom or on the tube or anywhere, you should always be on your own seat with space between you. Like this!" Christopher snapped his fingers and.....
  • Much better!
  • What about talking to people and walking with people?
  • Sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • "That's better!" said Christopher. "Now you both have some space. How do you feel now Adam?""I feel much more comfortable", said Adam
  • "What about talking to people and walking with people?" asked Beth."You should always be about one arm's length apart. That means every has enough space and feels comfortable" said Christopher
  • "Sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable" said Beth."That's OK" said Adam.
  • "Thanks Christopher!" said Adam and Beth."No worries!" said Christopher.
  • Christopher snapped his fingers and..."Oh my goodness! Where did he go??" exclaimed Beth."I bet he's off to help more people with their social skills" said Adam.
  • "See you soon!"
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