Raisin in the sun

Updated: 6/15/2021
Raisin in the sun

Storyboard Text

  • We did it we finally are home
  • Yes it’s nice we all more space
  • I’ll get it
  • Yeah who do you think you are leave right now
  • You didn’t accept the money I offered and you moved in anyways this is gonna have consequences
  • How are you come to our house and insult us
  • I know but what should we do we need to be in a place without being judged 
  • We have to do something they think they have the authority to come here and tell us stuff and this has to stop we are just as equipped for this house just as the white people
  • I know what we can do mama
  • Are you ready guys we are the change !
  • We are the change
  • Change for segregation
  • We are the change come join us
  • Change for racial injustice